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San Ramon Brick Pavers

An image of finished brick paver works in San Ramon.

Brick is a great material for all kinds of construction needs. It has been used in mainstream construction works for centuries. Thanks to its durability and earthy textures, bricks carry a distinct look. With time we have seen more and more artificial building materials coming out that are more convenient and efficient, but bricks have never lost their place. 

Initially, bricks were used for strong foundation structures like walls, but with time the usage of bricks has only increased to more sophisticated structures. Fireplaces and chimneys see widespread usage of bricks, but they are also equally good for retaining walls and patios. Brick pavers are another great choice if you are looking to work on the looks of your driveway and walkways.

Concrete is the obvious choice when it comes to pavers. They are cost-effective and incredibly strong. But concrete pavers can look bland. Stone pavers are also a great option thanks to their beautiful looks and colorful designs. But stone pavers don't perform well against extreme pressure, and this is where brick pavers come to the picture. With bricks, you get the best of both worlds. They are both durable and can provide you varied looks. If you need to know more about pavers to decide which one should suit your project, don't hesitate to call us at 925-350-8087.

Why Go For Brick Pavers?

As we have discussed already, brick pavers give you a lot of interesting reasons to use them for your projects. Let's look at the areas that make brick pavers such a potent alternative.

  • Bricks give you stability. There's no doubt about it. Brick pavers go a notch higher and provide you an incredibly stable structure. Individual bricks are porous in nature, but brick pavers feature interlocked joints that make the structure, as a whole, extremely durable. When they are laid flat on a surface, brick pavers can last for years.
  • Another reason that makes brick pavers stand out is brick's resistance to adverse weather. Bricks are heated during their manufacturing process, which in turn makes them indestructible against fire. That's why we see so many fireplaces being made with bricks. Not only bricks are great at handling heat, but they are also equally great at resisting water. With bricks, you don't run the risk of developing a slippery surface soon. 
  • Bricks are manufactured from natural clay. This gives bricks a very pastoral texture. Bricks have distinct ruggedness and couple it with the reddish tint of soil; you have an eye-catching material at your disposal.
  • As we have mentioned already, bricks are made from natural clay. This makes them a completely natural product, unlike concrete. The eco-friendly nature of bricks has also made it a favorite choice for homeowners in recent years. So if you are going with brick pavers for your work, you can be assured that it doesn't harm mother nature. 

Brick Paver Installation: Why Hiring Professionals Is Your Best Bet

We have already discussed how bricks differ from other building materials out there. Bricks are strong, durable, and colorful. But working with bricks is not an easy task. Bricklaying is an extremely complex process, and you have to possess the proper knowledge of these things, including the mortar. Any minor flaw can make the structure less effective and fragile in nature.

That's why you will need professionals who have the required experience of working with brick pavers in San Ramon. We at San Ramon Concrete and Masonry take pride in providing people who have the necessary expertise and knowledge of brick paver installation. To know more about our services, and to hire us, just ring us at 925-350-8087.