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San Ramon Concrete Finishing Contractor

An image of concrete finishing in San Ramon.

Concrete is the go-to material for most homeowners and contractors. It offers a great deal of flexibility and makes your structure long-lasting, strong, and visually appealing. To make your concrete surface look amazing, and to protect its looks, concrete finishing is a necessary part. 

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Types of Concrete Finishing

There can be various types of concrete finishing. Some create a smooth surface, and others make a patterned design on the concrete. Depending on your preference, you can choose any finish that you like.

Broom Finish 

The broom finish is pretty interesting. After the concrete surface is ready, but it has not yet dried out, a broom is dragged over the surface to create unique patterns. This provides an uneven, rough texture to the cement surface. Broom finish ensures that the floor is skid-resistant. 

Troweled Finish      

The troweled finish is a popular type that you must have noticed in all places. A trowel is used to create a smooth and flat concrete surface. The trowel smoothens the top layer of the surface. For small residential projects, it is done manually, but if there's a large area to cover, we make use of a mechanical trowel. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is mostly used for patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Here, you can simulate the colors and finishes of exotic stones, wood, bricks, etc. 

Colored Concrete 

You can also get a colored concrete finish for your property. Colored concrete is easily available, looks pretty, and lasts long. Again, the varieties are endless. You can pick any color and style of your choice. 

Polished Finish 

In this finish, your surface will have an added glaze, thanks to the chemicals that permeate deep into the surface of the cement. With the help of special tools, we create a polished texture for your cement surface. This can be a great flooring option for your indoors. 

Salt Finish 

The salt finish offers an aesthetic look that is not only beautiful but also provides safety. Rock salt crystals create a rough texture on the surface, which in turn makes the floor skid-proof. The finish turns out to be more attractive than you can ever imagine. This can be a great option for areas that are exposed to water, such as swimming pools, decks, etc. 

Hire the Best Concrete Contractor in San Ramon

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