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San Ramon Concrete Pavers

this is an image of concrete pavers in San Ramon

Concrete, in general, is a handy material when it comes to construction. Concrete is extremely strong and durable, but it is also flexible enough for you to use in all projects. Concrete pavers are a wonderful option for all kinds of paving works. Paving walkways, driveways, and backyards are very important, and concrete is equally up for the job. 

When we talk about pavers, there are primarily three options: brick, stone, and concrete. Brick pavers are generally pretty strong and durable, just like concrete. Stone pavers blow the competitions out of the water with gorgeous looks and colorful patterns. But none of these two can provide the efficiency of concrete pavers. Here, we are going to talk about it in detail. If you need to know more about concrete pavers in San Ramon and want someone to help you decide the right material for your project, just give us a call at 925-350-8087.

Why You Should Go For Concrete Pavers

As we have discussed already, concrete pavers really hold the edge against stone pavers and brick pavers in terms of efficiency. It means working with concrete pavers is less taxing, and if you have the proper knowledge of this stuff, the entire process flows rather smoothly. Natural stones like slate, flagstone, and cobblestone are incredibly strong and beautiful. They can also cost a fortune. Similarly, brick pavers sure look nice, but not everyone wants to work with them. Hence, concrete becomes the go-to choice for most. 

On top of that, concrete paver installation is quite cost-effective in comparison to others, and it definitely doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Even if people can't go with stones or bricks, they can mimic the looks and designs of natural stones and bricks with concrete. That's why we are seeing an increasing amount of properties opting for the more convenient concrete paver. 

How To Install Concrete Pavers?

Concrete paver installation is a relatively easy process, but working with concrete is a tricky thing. You must have proper knowledge of the processes so that concrete comes out flawlessly. 

  • It all starts with getting the surface ready. The first step involves getting rid of weeds and other unnecessary things from the surface. 
  • Then, a gravel base is laid out and compacted, and sand is added.
  • Once the base is nice and compact, the edging is prepared. The concrete pavers need to be installed nicely so that they fit perfectly. 
  • After the pavers are fit properly, a motorized plate compactor is used to firmly set the pavers in the sand base. The surface is again compacted properly so that the pavers are snuggly fit. Then, the joints are filled.

Concrete Paver Designs

Concrete pavers can be given the looks of natural stones. The understated earthy tone really goes well with the surrounding. Cobblestone shaped designs with interlocking features is another great option.

When it comes to designs, a combination of two colors can really make the focused area stand apart. You can also design concrete pavers in a way that they complement the surrounding structures or the general color of the house.

Concrete Pavers Installation: Why You Should Go With Professionals

Concrete pavers installation may look like a self-reliant friendly project on the surface. But there are multiple things that can go wrong without any professional supervision. Any fault in the installation process will result in the ineffectiveness of the pavers. This also greatly reduces the durability of the structure. That's why you should always go with professionals who have the required knowledge. We at San Ramon Concrete and Masonry always provide you with the necessary guidance and expertise. To know more about how we can install the perfect concrete pavers for you, call us today at 925-350-8087.