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San Ramon Decorative Concrete

The photo shows the finished concrete work in San Ramon.

A lot of people complain that concrete looks bland and boring. Well, the dull, grey color of cement definitely doesn't look appealing. Concrete provides sturdiness and durability to a structure for sure, but what about the visual appeal? Here comes into the picture, the newest invention in the concrete world– decorative concrete. It embodies the strength, resilience, and longevity of concrete, and looks amazing at the same time. 

If you are interested in installing decorative concrete for your property, feel free to contact San Ramon Concrete and Masonry: 925-350-8087

What is Decorative Concrete? 

Decorative concrete is a special type of concrete that you can use to increase the aesthetic quotient of your house. You can recreate the looks of expensive materials such as marble, flagstone, wood, tile, brick, and so on. It doesn't cost a fortune and makes your property look amazing. This can be the perfect solution if you are looking forward to breaking the monotony of your existing grey cement surface. 

Decorative concrete can be of various types. Let's take a quick look. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a popular type of concrete that is used for building patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Different patterns are created on the surface by using concrete stamps to create the look of stones, bricks, etc. This is an inexpensive way to simulate the color and textures of expensive materials, without actually spending much. And since it's concrete, there is no need to worry about its durability. 

Stained Concrete 

Stained concrete is mainly of two types: 


In acid-based stained concrete, the floor or concrete surface is given color through a chemical reaction. As a result, the surface looks beautifully stained, and the color becomes permanent.


Water-based staining is quite similar to acid-based staining, but here, there is no chemical reaction involved. Water-based stains are also used for changing the color of cement and for providing it with a new look. 

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlaying is another popular method that you can try out for your project. If you want to repair your old surface or want to give it a brand-new look, you can opt for concrete overlays. If your previous surface is slightly damaged or worn out, overlaying can fix it easily. 

Advantages of Decorative Concrete 

  • Looks beautiful 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Lasts long 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Easy cleaning 

Hire the Best Concrete Contractor in San Ramon 

At San Ramon Concrete and Masonry, we focus on the construction, as well as on the aesthetic value of our projects. When we take up a project, we like to have an in-depth discussion with our customers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the end result of the product. Moreover, we offer premium quality services at highly affordable prices, so that everyone can build their dream landscapes. 

When it comes to decorative concrete installation, you should hire only a professional. Such intricate tasks are not self-reliant jobs. A professional knows what works best for your project, and they also know the right techniques to provide a great outcome. At San Ramon Concrete and Masonry, we have years of experience in this industry. Our trained craftsmen are highly skilled at handling all types of projects, no matter how small or big it is. Besides the knowledge of concrete and masonry works, they also possess a great sense of aesthetics. So if you are planning to refurbish your property by installing decorative concrete in San Ramon, none can be a better choice than us. 

So don't just keep waiting! Pick up your phone and dial our number to get a free quote for your project: 925-350-8087.