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San Ramon Outdoor Fireplace

this is an image of outdoor fireplace in San Ramon

Why limit a gorgeous fireplace to the inside of your house when you get the same warmth outside as well? That's right. Outdoor fireplaces are a great thing to have, especially in those cold nights. We all tend to enjoy a spot in our house where we can be with our thoughts or talk and chat with people. Most of the time, it's the backyard or patio area. And an outdoor fireplace right in the middle of a night's revelries will only add to the charm. That's why today we are going to talk about outdoor fireplaces in San Ramon—the materials, designs, and how to get one.

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Outdoor Fireplace: Material and Design

When it comes to fireplaces, they should reflect your personal taste. There's no other way to go about it. Generic and boring fireplaces are not something you will want. To begin with, you need to have a proper idea of the available space. Fireplaces, as you might have already realized, need to be in a place that doesn't risk the property or the people. Once you have figured that one out, we can easily build a patio around it because they sure go nice together.


When it comes to materials, brick is your best bet. Why? Because brick is probably the best material out there that can withstand heat easily. Bricks are heated in the manufacturing process, and the resistance to fire really shines through in fireplaces. On top of that, brick fireplaces carry an earthy touch, and the rustic appearance really goes well with a fireplace. Bricks also tolerate adverse weather nicely so you can't go wrong with brick outdoor fireplaces.


If you are not the biggest fan of bricks, maybe you will like concrete instead. Concrete is another great material for outdoor fireplaces. Concrete is a very convenient choice since it's pretty durable. Moreover, a concrete fireplace is cost-effective, so you can be sure of the affordability factor as well. 


Natural stones can be another compelling choice for outdoor fireplaces. Primarily because outdoor fireplaces attract more eyeballs, and one thing we know about stones is that they are simply gorgeous. The colorful textured designs of natural stones can be a great way to increase the looks of your fireplace. To know more about the materials and which one might suit your project better, just give us a call at 925-350-8087.

If you are done with materials, maybe you should look for the designs now. You can customize outdoor fireplaces to your choices. There is no reason to just stick to the general ones. You can add a patio and even a chimney with a fireplace. You can combine modern with rustic, or you can simply go for a chic minimalist design. 

Outdoor Fireplace Installation: Why Hire Only Professionals?

As you can see, there is a lot of room to work on when it comes to outdoor fireplaces—the freedom to experiment and customize demands a lot of attention and expertise. Any minor flaw can have a huge impact later on. Not only this, but outdoor fireplaces also need to be installed, keeping the highest standards of securities in mind. That's why hiring professionals is the only way to move forward. We at San Ramon Concrete and Masonry always provide you the necessary knowledge and experience required for an outdoor fireplace installation. To know more about us and how we can help you get a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace, ring us at 925-350-8087.