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Stamped Concrete Patio in San Ramon

this picture shows stamped concrete patio san ramon

For all your stamped concrete needs, there is one contractor that tops it all. We are San Ramon Concrete and Masonry and would want to help you with all concrete needs, including building stamped concrete patios. Talk to us today and get a chance to work with the experts.

Call San Ramon Concrete and Masonry and engage with an expert on your project’s deliverables. Dial (925) 350-8087 or fill out the contact form below for inquiries.

Why Patios

Most people consider expanding their living space outdoors instead of upgrading to a larger home. This is an affordable approach, and patios are making it to the top of popular options for the expansions. With a stamped concrete patio, you also have a chance of enjoying spending time on a larger, luxurious, and more sheltered outdoor space.

A patio is preferred as an outdoor entertainment hub. It is where people can spend more time relaxing, dining, and interacting with their families and friends. If designed and built by an expert concrete contractor, it gives you a beautiful and worthwhile additional living space. In addition, it improves the curb appeal of your yard and increases your property’s resale value.

How San Ramon Concrete and Masonry Helps

San Ramon Concrete and Masonry, with our over 20 years of experience, is out to transform your patio. Our team will work to make it more presentable and worth of your investment. We have a well laid out plan that ensures we deliver to your expectations, and often beyond that. Our plan usually follows the following steps:

On-Site Estimations

Immediately you get in touch with us. We send a team for an on-site estimation to get a better view of your project needs. The team takes the necessary measurements and records every possible requirement for the project. The estimators also map out the vision for the project. They also bring in your considerations and specifications and provide you with a custom-made design.

Estimate’s Reviews and Approvals

Once you review our quotation, you may approve it or ask for changes. Either way, we ensure it is within your set goals, timelines, and budgetary allocation. Once you approve it, accept our bid and avail every requirement; you give our team the green light to launch the project.

Acquisition Permits

Every state has varied requirements for building any structures. Whether it is a commercial, government, or residential property, you will need certain approvals and permits. And San Ramon Concrete and Masonry experts can help you where we can. We provide specialist advice and tips on how to go about obtaining the permits and also provide you with site plans and engineering plans for city permission construction and building requirements.


Our qualified installation team starts working on the patio installation project. Depending on the availability of resources, the time frame for completion may vary. However, we always strive to work within the agree-on terms and provide inspections and completion reports for every item in our work.

Talk to us today and get your stamped concrete patio worked on by industry experts. Do not compromise on your investment by engaging briefcase companies whose reputation is not verifiable. Reach out to San Ramon Concrete and Masonry and get a project worth the time and money that you invest in it.

Call (925) 350-8087 and speak to one of our concrete experts. You may also use the contact form on this page to ask your questions, request for our free quote, or make any general inquiries.