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San Ramon Patio Builders

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If you are looking for the best inspirations and ideas on landscaping, you are in the right place. Welcome to interact with our concrete experts, your premier and go-to patio builders in San Ramon with over two decades of hands-on experience. We are the team that everyone looks forward to working with because we deliver on our promises and keep every project that needs to be attended to by the right people.

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Different Backyard Patio Styles

Patios can be built using different styles and designs. The styles may be dependent on different factors such as the client’s specifications, the intended use, resources available, space, as well as your finances. Whichever the case that is your situation, San Ramon Concrete and Masonry will get you a project worth every dollar you spend on it.

A patio is regarded by many people as a place to spend time outdoors. However, it can have a myriad of uses depending on the designs. Ideally, most people ask patio builders to make them a structure for cooking, dining, entertainment, relaxation, socialization, and playing.

The four most common patio styles are living room patios, sundeck patios, bistro patios, and dining patios. The patios serve different purposes, and you can incorporate one or all of them depending on the space that you need for the above purposes.

Living Room Patio

Outdoor living rooms have gained popularity in recent years and are now incredibly popular. If a client needs some additional space for relaxing with their friends and family, they can opt for a living room patio. The patio features a shade structure, fireplace or firepit, and deep seating patio furniture.

The patio usually measures at least 16 feet by 18 feet, but the dimensions may change. For better results, an extra space that people can use for walking around the patio area and furniture is essential.

Sundeck Patio

A sundeck patio is usually built in an open area where people can enjoy direct sunshine. It can, therefore, be built on a pool deck or vista point. On furniture, you can invest in some classy outdoor chaise lounge and some comfortable cushions for comfort.

Bistro Patio

If your desire is for a design idea around a small garden, a bistro patio is your thing. It offers the perfect size for a small table and a few chairs for the perfect outdoor breakfast spot with nature’s best experience. You may have a wall fountain added for more personalization.

Outdoor Dining Patio

If you are planning to have an evening party more often, but your indoor dining area is not big enough, an outdoor dining patio may suffice for the purpose. If you are a person who treasures dining al fresco, this is your patio since it gives you the best experience when dining with family and friends outdoors.

The structure, in this case, must be large enough to accommodate dining chairs and a table to cater to everyone. It should also be near the backdoor of your main house or adjacent to an outdoor kitchen to ease the carrying of food to the patio.

San Ramon Concrete and Masonry can help you with any of the above patio designs. Talk to us today, and we shall get everything underway and get you the exact structure.

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